Nanolex Car Care - Made in Germany
Nanolex is dedicated to the development of high end vehicle care products. Nanolex is a German company with worldwide distribution.

Nanolex paint coatings - Coatings
The paint coatings from Nanolex offer maximum protection and create an impressive high gloss. The coatings provide an extremely hard protective coating on the paint surface, which provides high protection against environmental influences. The created layer not only protects, but also facilitates the cleaning enormously, as water flows better and less dirt can adhere. The same applies to rims.


Nanolex glass sealants
The glass sealants from Nanolex increase the safety factor enormously through better visibility. The glass seal forms a long-lasting, firmly bonded layer with the pane. Thanks to this, it is very resistant to chemicals and environmental influences. The created layer is ulta-transparent. Thanks to the newly created structure, water and dirt are rejected, so that depending on the vehicle from 60-70 KM / H no windshield wiper must be used.


From the preliminary work to the lacquer polish to After Care - Nanolex, the full range is for the highest demands
In addition to the coating products, Nanolex offers various cleverly formulated cleaning and care products. These car care products offer the perfect complement and guarantee a perfect result.